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"Boost Up Production and Economy through Mechanization in Agriculture" We BTL Trade Pvt. Ltd. are making these lines true in the real world by providing the complete Farm Mechanization Solution to our clients and customers. Our product portfolio starts from Land Preparation Implements up to Post-Harvesting Equipments with a complete range of products.

We the BTL Trade Pvt. Ltd. are one of the leading suppliers of Farm Machines across the Nepal. We have a wide range of Farm Machines according to the needs of soil, weather condition of different regions, needs and demands of farmers. We are the first one to introduce the farm machinery and equipments in Nepal.
"Customer is God" this is what the current scenario of the market, so the primary motive of our organization is customer satisfaction towards our products for which we are working every day. We take their feedbacks work upon it and come up with a complete solution. We have 24x7x365 days customer assistance for our valuable customers and client.

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